People always tell you to start with what you know - I am an African American female photographer and multimedia artist - My work revolves around the psychological aspect of relationships and its connection in forming our identity.

It is a mixture of experience and experiment stemming from memory, history, artwork, and folklore and shows a range of emotions from rage, longing, despair, uncertainty, hope, and desire. The main character is female, usually a caretaker, or nurturer, warm, approachable but hiding a  deep sadness,  guilt, loneliness or feeling of abandonment as she experiences the order and disorder of everyday life.

 I use myself as the main character in most of my narratives because these emotions are kin to me. I learned about patience, humility, forgiveness,  unconditional love, and the power of prayer from three generations of single moms. Women with grace, patience and an abundance of love who dutifully took on the role of both mother and father. I am the fourth generation and I have broken the cycle but residuals of the past are still encoded in my DNA and at times I find myself living and reacting to things not as they really are but as I perceive them to be.